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HB 5 Section 46: District Summary Ratings

House Bill 5 Section 46 (Community and Student Engagement) introduces a new component to the state accountability system that requires for each district to report to TEA.  The results must be made publically available showing a self-evaluation of the district and each campus.  A local committee is to establish criteria that will be used to issue a rating to the district.  Each campus will receive a rating of: exemplary, recognized, acceptable, or unacceptable for both overall performance and on individual factors that include:  

1) Fine Arts; 

2) Community and Parental Involvement; 

3) Second Language Acquisition Program; 

4) Dropout Prevention Strategies; 

5) Compliance with Statutory Reporting and Policy Requirements; 

6) Wellness and Physical Education; 

7) 21st Century Workforce Development; 

8) Digital Learning Environment; 

9) Gifted and Talented Educational Programs.

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